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Variables ServerSide - server’s settings
Variable Decription
dedikit_home Home directory for Dedikit installation.
ostype Operating system using on server.
distro Distributive name.
distro_major_rev Major distributive revision number.
distro_minor_rev Minor distributive revision number.
clients_home Important variable which defines home directories path for all ftp/shells users. DON’T CHANGE THIS VARIABLE on working server or ALL your sites will be broken (Apache DocumentRoot will be redefined). By default - /home/clients
shell_path Default shell path for ssh class accounts. By default is /bin/sh.
ftp_shell_path Default shell path for FTP class accounts. By default is /sbin/nologin.
pop3_shell_path Default shell path for POP3 class accounts. By default is /sbin/nologin.
domains_dir Directory where all sites will be stored. By default is %{clients_home}/${ACCOUNT}/domains.
domain_root_dir Root directory for all domains. By default is %{domains_dir}/${DOMAIN}
domain_htdocs_dir DOCROOT for domains. By default is %{domain_root_dir}/html
domain_cgibin_dir Cgi-bin directory for domains. By default is %{domain_root_dir}/html/cgi-bin
domain_logs_dir DIrectory for logs storing. By default is %{domain_root_dir}/logs
mysql_client_path Path to MySQL client binary.
mysql_listen_on_all_ips Allows MySQL server listening on all server’s ip addresses.
postgresql_client_path Path to PostgreSQL client binary.
sendmail_makemap_path Path to sendmail - makemap binary.
sendmail_newaliases_path Path to sendmail - newaliases binary.
sendmail_restart_cmd Command to sendmail restart.
reboot_password Password for Linux kernel module ipt_SYSRQ for server restart.
apache_config_path Path to Apache config file .
apachectl_path Path to apachectl binary.
apache_pidfile_path Path to apache pid-file.
crontabs_path Path to users crontab files.
ext_iface Name of network external interface.
httpd_user Owner of apache processes.
iproute_path Path to iproute binary.
iptables_path Path to iptables binary.
named_config_path Path to named config file.
nginx_path Path to nginx binary.
oops_path Path to oops binary.
sendmail_confdir_path Path to sendmail config directory.
spamc_path Path to spamc binary.
spamd_socket_path Path to spamd socket.
thttpd_path Path to thttpd binary.
Variables UserSide - defines setting of client part
system_ipaddr Main IP address of server. Panel is connecting to this address to get SNMP data.
contact_email This variable defines email of server’s owner. Neccessary to fill this variable with a valid email because system messages sending to this mailbox.
alerts_email This e-mail will be target for system errors messages
default_mx1 First MX-server for linked domains. Первый почтовый сервер для привязанных сайтов
default_ns1 First NS for pointed domains.
default_ns2 Second NS for pointed domains.
default_ns3 Third NS for pointed domains (optional).
default_host_aliases Aliases for new adding domains. By default is - HOSTNAME, www.HOSTNAME
ips_allowed_to_zone_transfer Allow for this IP’s zone transfer for all pointed to server domains.
ips_allowed_to_see_stats Allowed to view usage statistics IP addresses (webalizer or awstats).
mysql_root_password Root password to MySQL server.
phpmyadmin_url If you have been filled this variable with phpmyadmin address you will be get access to phpmyadmin from the panel.
mysql_allow_inet_access Allow to connect to MySQL server from Internet.
postgresql_root_password Root password to PostgreSQL server.
login_cookie_expires Defines time to authorization cookie will be expired. The format is similarly to field Expires in http cookies. By default is +2d.
syswatcher_graph_interval Quantity of showed hours in graphs . By default is 48.
disable_tips Disable tip system.
proxy_default_port Default proxy port. By defaulf is 8181.
api_enabled Managing API usage.
disable_ip_auth_check FIXME Будет ли выполняться проверка соответствия текущего IP открытой сессии. Другими словами, параметр отвечает - будет ли панель узнавать вас по куке в случае смены IP адреса
enable_access_logs Enables access logs storing. By default is 1.
enable_error_logs Enables errors logs storing. By default is 1.

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