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Server graphics

The panel Dedikit can build any grahpics on the basis of information getting on the protocol SNMP. It’s used for getting information from the network devices about their status, perfomance and other features which are in the management information base MIB - Management Information Base).
The section Grahpics work is directly linked with the section Data source.

New graphic – the adding of the new graphic features.
Edit – permits to edit graphic features.
Clear counters – clears all stored values of the data source.
Delete – deletes graphics.

Available options on adding jobs:
Name – is the name of the new graphic.
Maximum – is the height of the axis Y on the graphic. For example, for building a graphic of bandwidth utilization 10Мб/с number 10 000 000 must be indicated.
Search – permits to change time span on the graphics in the form of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM. So that the date and time «April 14, 1993, thirty-five minutes past nine» we may write like this: «1993-04-14 21:35».

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