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cron – is the task planner for the periodic running of jobs at the certain time. Every network user has his own crontab,in which is written the time and which programs to run on behalf of this user.
In this section you may create the timetable of job running.
The table consists of 6 columns. The columns are separated with spaces or with the tabulator. The first five set the time: (Minute, Hour, Date, Month, Day), there can be the data, the list of the figures or a sign *. All the other signs in the line are interpreted as a running command with its parameters. If the command sends a text to the standard output this text is emailed to the user.
The format of the job record:

* * * * * [running the command]
- - - - -
| | | | |
| | | |  ----- Day (0 - 7) (Sunday =0 or =7)
| | |  ------- Month (1 - 12)
| |  --------- Date (1 - 31)
|  ----------- Time (0 - 23)
 ------------- Minute (0 – 59)

New job – the adding of the new job to the list.

Available options on the job adding:
FTP account – the account on behalf of which the job will be fulfilled.
Comments – the optional comments to the job.
Time – the time of job fulfilling. The time is set in the format described above.
Command – is the same command. It’s worth to pay attention that the path to the binary file or script is necessary to use in the command.
Bulk adding – is used for the bulk- adding of jobs, moreover the jobs are necessary to add in the specified format on one job in every line.
Edit – to edit the job.
Delete – to delete the job.

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