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Proxy accounts

This section «Proxy accounts» stores information about all created proxy users’ accounts and the list of IP addresses from which the access is permitted .

New account – permints to create a new proxy server account.

Available options on the account addition :
IP address – permits to choose any pointed to the server IP addresses for the users.
Login – is the desired name of the account. In case of using «Permitted addresses » is not active.
Password – is the password. In case of using «Permitted addresses» is not active.
Permitted addresses – is an IP address from which an access to the proxy server without any password will be permitted. It’s possible to add some addresses, in this case they must be separated with spaces.
Expire – an expired time of account in form of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM. So that the date April 14, 1993, thirty-five minutes after nine we can write in the form of: «1993-04-14 21:35».
Activation/Deactivation – is the turning on and off of the proxy account.
Edit – the editing of the proxy account.
Delete – the deletion of the proxy account.

Account – is the name of the account.
Password – is the password of the account.
Active – is the activity indicator of the account.
Expire – the expired date and time of the account are stored here.
Permitted addresses – the addresses from which this proxy server is permitted to access.
IP address – is the address with the permitted connection.
Port – is the port where the proxy server is waiting for incoming queries. It’s given through the global variable proxy_default_port.

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