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Add new proxy

IP address – permits to choose any pointed to the server IP addresses for usage.
Login – is a desired name of the account. In case of using «Permitted address» is not active.
Password – is the password. In case of using «Permitted address» is not active.
Permitted address – is an IP address from which the access to the proxy server without a password is permitted. It’s possible to add some addresses and in this case they must be separated with spaces.
Expire – the time of expiring account in the form of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM. So that the date and time «April 14, 1993, thirty-five minutes past nine» we may write like that «1993-04-14 21:35».
Activation/Deactivation – turning on and off of the proxy account.
Edit – the editing of the proxy account.
Delete – the deletion of the proxy account.

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