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Condition Jobs

This section contains a set of jobs that will be executed if alert appears on the server or panel actions. For example, a letter sent to the administrator if the traffic increases rapidly, or restart of the service if it is down.
The conditions are called hooks and can be added only by the support. But a user can program any action of the server using scripts.

Add a job – adding a new condition job.

Actions available while adding a job:
Name – a name of a job that will be shown in the list.
Hook – a condition that will trigger the job. It allows to choose a type and section for a checked condition.
Import of variables – this point implies using variables from the setting. For example, in the script you can refer to the variable mysql_root_password as $DK_SYSTEM_VAR_mysql_root_password.
Script – a script that will be run if the hook appeares. The script can be written on any language like sh, perl, ruby, tcl. If the script is added the interpreter used should be specified in the first line. For example, #!/bin/sh or #!/bin/perl.

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