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This section is intended for adding IP-addresses that will be used by the services web-server, proxy-server and others to a dedicated server and also for the statistics on IP-addresses usage.

New IP-address – adding new IP-addresses to the server.

Options available while adding IP-addresses:
IP Address – the IP-address in the format
Static – by default the IP-address has been added and pointed by outside services, for example, with ifconfig. But if you want to add this address using the panel, this checkbox should not be checked.
Editing – the same options that are available while adding new IP-address.
Deletion - deletion of the IP-address will lead to the deletion of the sites and accounts pointed to this IP-address, and also disabling all the services pointed to this IP-address. Be careful!

Used by – the list of sites, accounts and services using this IP-address.

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