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This section gives instructions on managing emails, POP3-accounts on a dedicated server and spam filtering. You can redirect mail from spam box to a separate mail box.

Add mail – the option to create a new mail box.
Add POP3-account – the option to add a POP3-account. POP3-accounts are records for getting mail from the server.
Edit – editing POP3-account or forwarding.
Delete - deleting POP3-account or forwarding.

Actions available while adding a new box:
Mail box – the name of the email box should be specified here.
mail box or POP3 account for forwarding – either РОР3-account created in the system or any outside mail box mail will be forwarded to should be specifieed here. In case of a separate POP3-account, it will collect all the incoming messages from mail boxes pointed to it.

Actions available while adding POP3-account:
Name – the name of the account that will be used for authorization.
Password – password to the account.
Spam Filtering – if this option is chosen mail will be filtered by spam assassin (if spam protection is available).
Forward spam to - some ordinary letters may still be filtered as spam. You can forward all filtered mail to anothert mail box not to lose them. If you suspect a letter has been filtered you can look for it there. If you leave this field empty all filtered mial will be deleted.

Account – the name of POP3-account.
Password – password to the account.
Используется в – the list of mail boxes activated to forward mail to this account. The list is separated by commas. If the account is deleted, the mail boxes won’t be deleted.

Mail forwarding:
Mail box – the name of the mail box.
Forwarding toPOP3-account on the server or any other mail box incoming mail will be forwarded to.

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